We believe in decorative art concepts, we believe in creating a blissful sense of space that will intensify your environment, we believe in the quality of life.  It is our mission to respect the creative process, provide you with top quality service and innovative techniques and adhere to your boundaries without compromising quality.  We focus on detail, enthusiasm and listening to our clients.  We measure our service by the repetition of business and referrals by our satisfied clients.  It is our intent to continue to develop many great and lasting relationships.

Robert Dionne, Principal/Director
Robert lives in West Chester Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. He studied at the Art Institute of Boston. After schooling, he pursued  freelance illustration providing his talent to  various advertising agencies.  After many years as a  freelance illustrator, he was selected as the head muralist and trompe l'oeil artist for a nationally known decorative painting company that he worked for for 5 years. In 1998,  he started his own decorative painting company Decorative Art Services, Inc.   Robert's success is attributed to his ability to bring his client's vision to fruition and commitment to detail.  He is inspired by his adoration for his family, his admiration for the great master painters and their contemporaries and the simplicities found in nature.  Striving to reinvent the wheel, Robert and his selected team of artisans are always thinking of new ways to perfect their finishes visually, economically and to be environmentally safe.  Decorative Art Services, Inc. has become a well respected company and resource for the residential and commercial design industry welcoming all size projects and budgets.

  • Painted Furniture     
  • Trompe l'Oeil
  • Painted Cabinet Finishes  
  • Restoration
We specialize in residential and commercial interiors.  Our services include:
  • Interior Design Concepts
  • Murals                  
  • Faux Finishes                                            
  • Textured Wall Finishes                              

Our design treatments, textures and color schemes are specifically tailored to create the desired impact.  Decorative Art Services, Inc. provide their decorative painting services throughout the United States.

Decorative Art Services, Inc.
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