Decorative Art Services, Inc. is a unique fine art company that provides decorative art services specializing in interior design concepts ,  implementation of dynamic decorative painting techniques  and restoration of painted surfaces.

We collaborate with building contractors, designers, architects, commercial and residential individuals to personalize and capture the vision and passion of each client's environment.

Robert Dionne, Principal/ Director of Decorative Art Services, Inc., has over 16 years experience in the field of decorative finishes and murals.

With tremendous abilities in design, technique and color, Decorative Art Services, Inc. can create a new place and time for you.
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Decorative Art Services, Inc.
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This early 19th century French boiserie paneled Grand Salon was completely restored back to its original decoratively painted motif by Decorative Art Services, Inc.
This painted staircase wall was inspired by an 18th century early American  geometric floorcloth design.  Also gold and black details were added on the bannister and the stair balusters for this front entrance foyer.
This original mural was painted by Robert Dionne in a dining room depicting the historical 1777 American Revolutionary Battle of the Brandywine.  Also trompe l`oeil moldings were painted under the chair rail.
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